Zong Super Card Daily Weekly Monthly All in One Bundles

 Recently Telecom companies in Pakistan have introduced different types of packages that offer on-net minutes, off-net minute local SMSes and Mobile internet MBs in single package activation. Such an offers were first initiated by Ufone and named it as Super Card. Similarly, other telecom companies have also introduced super card like packages with different names but mobile users in Pakistan call such a packages with Super Card. For example, Zong All in one bundle is also known as Zong Super card offer.

Zong Super Card packages or Zong all in one bundle are also offering free on-net minutes, free off-net minutes, free SMSes to the local networks in Pakistan and free mobile internet data by activation any Zong Super all in one Bundle/Zong Super Card. Different Zong All in One Bundles offers different numbers of freebies/incentives.

There are six types of Zong Super card offers or All in One Bundles that are on daily, weekly and monthly basis validity. Mobile users in Pakistan love to use these packages because the subscribers neither need to check their balance again and again, nor they bother to calculate tax charges, etc.


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