Zong 4g Internet how to use SIM

Who is the internet SIM Customer?

  • These are the users who are data savvy, but for one reason or another they do not want to shift to Zong but they still need fast speed internet. Most of these customers may already have an internet enabled device, a Tab or a router to use the internet SIM.
  • Despite the other advantages there is also one psychological advantage to internet SIM, that this is a specialized internet SIM. So, the customer’s perception about the internet SIM may be different than the normal SIM. SO, it becomes easier to pitch this to the customer.
  • Some customers already have MBB devices with them, they are either open market devices or the devices from OMOs, they may shift to Zong for faster speeds and more affordable packages, internet SIM allows them to use the same devices that they already have, so that they do not have to buy another Wingle or Mifi to enjoy Zong internet.

Selling arena for the internet SIM

  • Since we are positioning it as a specialized internet SIM, So selling it through a different channel might help.
  • We can target small SIM shops in the handset markets and place the internet SIMs on those outlets.
  • Also the Dual handset manufacturers can be targeted, we can collaborate with them and sell our Internet SIM with the handsets.



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