Zong 4G Daily Data Internet Package 2017


Almost all of the people from Pakistan use internet, well not all let’s just say many. And believe me we die for some cool dash packages. Like half of the population is always stalking websites and stuff to get a glimpse at the word package. Since the arrival of 3G and 4G technology safe to say it has changed the way people used internet and of course the way companies earned money.

Now that everyone wants 3G internet, competition has increased among companies to attract as many new customers as possible. This will prove to be beneficial for customers because when they want more they give more, damn that’s good. If I had a phone that supported 3G I would definitely opt the cheapest bundle offer there is, in the history of this technology.

Zong, one of the leading mobile network companies, is offering a pretty attractive deal in search for the maximum market share and also of course the maximum customer satisfaction. People who got a phone that supports 3G/4G might want to take a look at it, others who have them classic keypad phones like mine, stay away please.

The offer from Zong, called “Daily Data Max”, includes 500 MBs of internet, not just browsing you can download stuff too. Nothing comes for free and this also doesn’t come for free either, it costs Rs. 35 +tax per day and it is valid for one day, it’s not like you could save some MBs and use them on the next day. One thing I forgot to mention is that how to subscribe to this bundle. All you got to do is dial *5# and you are good to go. You can dial *102# to check the remaining internet balance. That’s it I suppose.

    Total MBs: 50
    Price: Rs.35+tx
    To Subscribe: Dial *102#

    Data Usage Check: Dial *102#

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