TNT Russia New Frequency On Amos 3 @ 4° W

Dynamite (Russian: Tnt (Russian: Your New Television, romanized: Tvoyo Novoye Televideniye, lit. ‘Your New Television’); or TNT (Russian: Tnt (Russian: Television of the new millennium, romanized: Televideniye Novogo Tisyachelyetiya, lit. ‘Television for a New Millennium ‘))) is a Russian federal TV station established in 1997 and is viewed as one of the five most-well known TV stations in Russia At the start of 2012, it arrived at excess of 104 million people

In spite of the fact that its main interest group is watchers 14 to 44 years of age, its center segment is ages 18 to 30 The channel centers around amusement, especially parody series Since 2001 it has been an individual from the Gazprom-Media, the leader TV channel of Gazprom-Media Entertainment TV (established in 2015)

Dynamite’s primary type of revenue is advertisements It has territorial TV stations and local accomplices, who get publicizing time on the channel. The station conveys its sign through satellites in four circles, which permit its 27 TV channels to get it in their comparing time regions. The sign is gotten and rearranged by neighborhood stations broadcasting in most huge urban areas and 5,900 more modest networks in the Russian Federation.

Dynamite saves the privileges to every single unique show and possesses two of Russia’s biggest creation organizations: Comedy Club Production and Good Story Media. It likewise has selective agreements with various Russian showrunners. Starting around 2016, TNT has been coordinated by Artur Janibekyan (head of Gazprom-Media Entertainment TV)

TNT Russia New Frequency On Amos 3 @ 4° W

Channel Name TNT Russia
Satellite Amos 3 @ 4° W
Frequency 10890 V
Saymbol Rate 27500
Fec 5/6

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