Telenor djuice 50 Minutes Bundle

djuice brings you the best 50 Minutes Bundle, so you can make Telenor calls with tension-free convenience.

50 Telenor Minutes
Price Rs. 9.00incl. Tax

djuice brings you the best 50 Minutes Bundle, so you can make 50 minutes of Telenor calls with tension-free convenience for just Rs. 9 including Tax.

Telenor djuice 50 Minutes Bundle

Offer Eligibility:

All djuice customers are eligible for this offer


The subscription is valid for 1 day.

Terms and Conditions:
To check remaining minutes, dial *222#.
19.5% FED applies on usage.
15 paisa incl. tax call setup will be charged on every call.
Re-subscription will add additional minutes to existing minutes.
Applicable for only djuice customers; to migrate to djuice free of cost, dial *345*33#.

What is the subscription code of the djuice 50 Minutes Bundle?
You can avail this offer by dialing *345*700#
I am a Talkshawk customer. How can I avail this offer?
You can dial *345*33# to migrate to djuice, free of cost. After coming on

djuice, you can avail the offer by simply dialing *345*700#
Can the offer be subscribed multiple times?
The offer can be subscribed multiple times. On re-subscribing, additional minutes will be added to the existing minutes.
What other offers can I use with this offer?
You can use any/all offers with this offer.