Telenor djuice 15 Day Messaging Bundle

Enjoy the djuice 15 Day SMS Bundle suited to your messaging needs.

Price Rs. 35.00incl. Tax
SMS: 3500
200 MB WhatsApp

We understand not everyone has the same SMS use. That’s why we designed the 15 Day SMS Bundle with 3500 SMS to suit customers who want to make their SMS bundle go further.
Offer Eligibility:
All djuice customers are eligible for this offer.
The offer is valid for 15 Days.
Terms and Conditions:
Validity of SMS bundle starts from the time of subscription and expires at midnight on the day of expiry.
SMS can be sent to any mobile number in Pakistan
All unused SMS at the end of bundle validity will be removed.
This is a limited time offer.
15% withholding tax at recharge.
19.5% Federal Excise Duty applies on usage.

Is WhatsApp usable on 3G or 2G?

WhatsApp is usable on both 3G and 2G.

What is covered in WhatsApp usage?

All WhatsApp actions are covered: text messages, audio messages, images, videos etc.

How can I check the remaining SMS and validity?
Dial *111# to check remaining SMS count and validity (Charges: Rs. 0.20 + Tax).

How can I check the remaining WhatsApp volume and validity?

Dial *999# to check remaining WhatsApp volume and validity (Charges: Rs. 0.20 + Tax).

What will happen if I buy multiple bundles?

Newly bought SMS and WhatsApp volume will be added to already existing SMS and WhatsApp volume.

What will happen to my unused SMS and WhatsApp volume at time of bundle expiry?

All unused SMS and WhatsApp MBs will be removed.