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Telenor Companion Watch


Rs. 4,999.00

Telenor Companion Watch is a wearable watch tracker for your child’s safety. If your child wears this attractive watch, not only you can monitor him but also communicate with him just through your smartphone. Let’s look at how much this amazing watch helps you. For further information, please call 03450468468


Can I monitor more than one watch?

Yes, you can monitor more than one watch with the same application but with different watch numbers.

Can there be two Admins of the same watch/ watches?

No, there can only be one admin. The rest can be added as a member with limited controls of the application and watch.

What is the charging time of the watch?

The charging time of the watch is 1-2 hours. The discharging time of the watch is 2-3 days

Will I be able to dial from the watch?

Yes, you can dial from the watch only to the numbers that are assigned to the watch e.g. Father, Mother or Uncle.

What is Geo-fence and how does it work?

Geo-fence is marking the map area of the child watch. If the child leaves that area then an alarm will be generated on your cellphone application.

Does it have voice messages feature in the watch?

Yes, children can send/receive voice messages from the watch and parents (admin) can listen/record that in the application.

Can I view the watch members?

The total members and their numbers can be viewed in the watch application.

What happens when the SOS call is rejected or not received by the member?

In case of rejection or call missed by a member for SOS, it will automatically route to other member’s number.

How can I identify watches if there are more than 1 child?

You can assign names to the watches that will be displayed n the watch main screen and also on the application.

What documents would I need to buy the watch?

Following documents are needed at the time of purchase:





  • Telenor Companion Watch for Kids/Minors: 
    • Father/Mother CNIC.
    • Child B-form OR Smart Card (Smart card is only applicable to father’s purchase).
  • Telenor Companion Watch for Adults: 
    • Both parties (person who is going to track & person who is going to be tracked) have to visit our outlet.
    • Both parties have to submit photocopies of CNICs. 
  • Telenor Companion Watch for Mentally Disabled Person: 
    • Customer(who will track) will visit office with Original CNIC.
    • B-Form (in case of Family Member) or Marriage Certificate (in case of Spouse).
    • Medical Certificate (on hospital/doctor letterhead) will be presented.


How many watches can I purchase?

As per PTA requirement, a parent can purchase up to 5 (five) watches only. In case of purchase of more than 5 watches, Guardian/Spouse can purchase it on his/her behalf providing the Guardianship Certificate.