Tajikistan TV Newrequency On NSS-12 @ 57° E

Televizioni Tojikiston (Телевизиони Тоҷикистон, previously known as Шабакаи Якум; Shabakai Yakum) is the public telecaster of the Central Asian province of Tajikistan. Televidenye Tajikistana is settled in the capital city, Dushanbe. It started broadcasting on October 3, 1959
Tajik Television was shaped in 1959. The main program broadcasted by the station circulated on October 3, 1959. The principal program comprised of a bilingual Tajik/Russian news release followed by a film, Light in the Mountains. The primary words were verbally expressed by Rafuat Abdusalomov.

24-hour communicates initiated in 2012. The vast majority of the channel’s timetable is comprised of neighborhood content. Outer substance (particularly unfamiliar motion pictures) is circulated in Russian.

In June 2016, the channel’s present name was taken on

Channel Name Tajikistan TV
Satellite NSS-12 @ 57° E
Frequency 11585 H
Saymbol Rate 10750
System DVB-S28PSK
Fec 3/4

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