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StarTimes has successfully completed

With more than twenty years development,
StarTimes has successfully undertaken and
completed nearly 1000 nationwide project
implementation in the broadcasting and TV sector.
Relying on its rich experience, reliable technology and quality
services, StarTimes has been widely praised in the industry.

Beijing Gehua CATV Network Co., Ltd.
Tianjin Broadcast&TV Network Co., Ltd.
Hebei Broadcast & TV Information Network Group Co., Ltd.
Heilongjiang Longshi Network Limited, Co.
Gansu Broadcast& TV Network Transmission Co., Ltd.
Inner Mongolia Broadcast &TV lnformation Network Co., Ltd.
Xi’an Filiale, Shaanxi Province Network Limited, Co
Shijiazhuang Cable&Radio Network Administration Center
Zhengzhou Broadcast &TV Network lnc.Ltd
Jinan Cable TV Network Co. Ltd (Center)
Shandong Jinan CATV Network Center
Changchun CATV Network Co., Ltd.
Hohhot Filiale, Inner Mongolia Broadcast &TV lnformation Network Co.,Ltd.
Datong Digital TV Co., Ltd. (Centre)
Yangquan Radio and Television Network Center
Binzhou Broadcasting Television Network Center
Zhaoqing Cable TV Network Center
Qinhuangdao, Bohai Online Information Network Co., Ltd.
Daqing Broadcast & TV information Transmission Network Co.,Ltd
Anshan Aoweide CATV Broadband Network Co., Ltd.


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