Space Toon Arabic New Frequency On Türksat 3A at 42.0°E

Spacetoon (Arabic: سبيستون‎ or سبيس تون) is a skillet Arab allowed to–air TV slot that has some expertise in activity and youngsters programs. It started broadcasting on 15 March 2000 and it is settled in Dubai, UAE with workplaces in Riyadh. The channel targets kids from 4 and up and is for the family. Its late night block Space Power is focused on at teens and youthful grown-ups.

The Spacetoon organization has had three now-dead diverts in the Arab world other than the primary actually existing Spacetoon channel: Space Power TV, Spacetoon Radio and Spacetoon English and a video on request application called Spacetoon Go.

Spacetoon is firmly subsidiary with Syria-based naming organization Venus Center. Spacetoon is communicated in 30 nations, and has a crowd of people of more than 500 million watchers.

Channel Name Space Toon Arabic
Satellite Türksat 3A at 42.0°E
Frequency 11012 H
Saymbol Rate 30000
System DVB-S28PSK
Fec 2/3

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