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osn biss key nilesat 2021

osn biss key nilesat 2021

Satellite: Nilesat @7°W
FREQ: 11804 H 27500 3/4

Nat Geo Wild
CW: 25ED 5668 4DD1 E402 25ED 5668 4DD1 E402

OSN Sport 4
CW: D6AB 47C8 97D8 9F0E D6AB 47C8 97D8 9F0E

CW: A383 F81E 4341 3FC3 A383 F81E 4341 3FC3

Sony International Televsion
CW: 1FB4 9B6E C52E 4033 1FB4 9B6E C52E 4033

Life OK
CW: 549D 1F10 3A8C 2EF4 549D 1F10 3A8C 2EF4

UTV Movies
CW: D3BA 27B4 8496 243E D3BA 27B4 8496 243E

OSN Sports Cricket SD
CW: E213 796E 09BD 15DB E213 796E 09BD 15DB

Animal Planet
CW: F45C 7FCF FB32 5986 F45C 7FCF FB32 5986

UTV Bindass/UTV Stars
CW: 5CF6 3F91 2673 912A 5CF6 3F91 2673 912A

Nat Geo Adventure

Times Now
CW: 27F1 AAC2 3D3F 40BC 27F1 AAC2 3D3F 40BC

Sky News
CW: 3465 5BF4 02AC 25D3 3465 5BF4 02AC 25D3

CW: 9CA2 86C4 48F4 78B4 9CA2 86C4 48F4 78B4

Star World
CW: 00E0 6949 EF59 529A 00E0 6949 EF59 529A

Star Movies
CW: A4D6 9913 98B0 AAF2 A4D6 9913 98B0 AAF2

Baby TV
CW: 858B 5262 3A4A 0E92 858B 5262 3A4A 0E92

National Geographic UK
CW: 6238 FC96 4640 BD43 6238 FC96 4640 BD43

CW: 1EA4 6325 7408 8400 1EA4 6325 7408 8400

Surya TV
CW: 1BE6 898A 12A7 C079 1BE6 898A 12A7 C079

Star Jalsha
CW: 19BF 1EF6 7E83 E4E5 19BF 1EF6 7E83 E4E5

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