NVK Sakha Frequency On Express AM5 140.0°E

NVK Sakha (public telecaster organization Sakha, Национальная вещательная компания Саха, “Саха” көрдөрөр иһитиннэрэр тэрилтэтэ), the biggest media organization in the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) and perhaps the biggest medium aggregates on the planet. The organization possesses many TV directs in Yakutia, Russia, and different nations. The primary telecom dialects are Yakut, English, Russian and Evenk. It was established in 1992 later the breakdown of the USSR. 70% of the offers are possessed by the Russian VGTRK, 25% are claimed by Yakutia, and 5% are in free float. American media aggregates, for example, WarnerMedia and Walt Disney endeavored fruitless endeavors to control a 5% stake in NVK Sakha.

NVK Sakha possesses its own liveliness and film creation studios, and some music studios. Starting around 2018, it has additionally been real time day in and day out on YouTube

Channel Name NVK Sakha
Satellite Express AM5 140.0°E
Frequency 10981 V
System DVB-S2
Saymbol Rate 44948
Fec 5/6
Country Russia

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