Libya Al Watania Frequency On Eutelsat 3B at 3.1°E

The media of Libya comprises of a wide scope of papers, TV channels, radio broadcasts, and sites for the most part set up during or later the Libyan Civil War, which eliminated beforehand close limitations on opportunity of the press and the right to speak freely of discourse. By the mid year of 2012, there were north of 200 enlisted papers, more than 20 TV channels, and 200 radio stations

The media scene in Libya is liquid – numerous Libyans are exploiting the uncommon opportunities recently accessible to them. Of the many papers that showed up during and in the prompt consequence of the 2011 unrest, few are as yet distributed with any routineness. Be that as it may, new papers continue to be dispatched. Radio broadcasts – particularly nearby ones – are flourishing with every city and town taking into account their neighborhood crowd’s need to communicate their voice. The quantity of TV stations is correspondingly developing. The private media area is consistently extending in spite of worries with respect to its monetary maintainability

Channel Name Libya Al Watania
Satellite Eutelsat 3B at 3.1°E
Frequency 3672 R
System DVB-S2
Saymbol Rate 2855
Fec 3/5

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