About The Futuristic World of 2017 is Super This 2007 Video

Keep in mind the year 2007? I wager you do. You were so youthful and energetic and brimming with life. You had that thing you would do however then never did. And after that there was that place you needed to go however never went. You presumably longed for what the world may look like in ten years time—loaded with innovative ponders and energizing open doors. All things considered, it’s ten years after the fact. How’s things?

Brian Williams ran a portion on NBC in 2007 about the modern year 2017. What’s more, I need to state that it’s truly discouraging. The expectations from the portion that came genuine are frequently just bits of a bigger tragic bad dream (across the board facial acknowledgment) and the parts that aren’t yet valid (simple doctor’s facility persistent distinguishing proof) simply remind us how broken our medicinal services framework is right now.

We continue finding out about the rate of innovative change and how it’s expanding so quickly that people can scarcely make up for lost time. Which is, obviously, horse crap. Furthermore, the NBC portion places glaring difference a distinct difference. Yes, there have been some innovative changes since 2007. In any case, I question that students of history will expound on the previous decade as in a general sense radical.

Special coverage here tonight, life in the US in ten year’s time,” Brian Williams said, starting the segment. “By that time there may be all kinds of new ways to safeguard and identify all those things that make each of us unique—our faces, even our fingerprints, even our eyes.

From the segment:

The year is 2017. You’re rushed to a hospital unconscious with no ID or medical history. But, thanks to a microchip under your skin, it’s all there. Science fiction twenty years ago, but a biometric reality today.

Already, fingerprints and iris scans verify passenger identities at airports. Within ten years that technology may be even more widespread. And look for more complex facial recognition programs that scan a crowd of thousands looking for a single terrorist.

I don’t know. Maybe I’m just being a Debbie Downer. How do you feel watching this news segment? Do you feel like you live in the future?

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