Experience The edge of Space Through Solar plane

A Swiss team revealed their Solar Plane project that will fly high, really high.

We have seen many Solar planes flying around so whats
special in it? SolarStartos, the team behind the project, is
planning to fly high about 80,000 feet carrying a pilot as well.
At this very much height not only curvature of earth is visible but
daytime star will also be visible. the project started in 2014.

Covered in over 230 square feet of solar panels, it measures 8.5-m (27.9-ft) long, has a wingspan of 24.9 m (81.7 ft) and weighs in at just 450 kg (992 lb).solar panels covering the plane that power a 32-kW electric engine and charge a 20-kWh lithium-ion battery. These will apparently allow the plane to stay airborne for over 24 hours. It is said to be the first two-seater solar plane in the history to fly at this height.

“Our goal is to demonstrate that current technology offers us the possibility to achieve above and beyond what fossil fuels offer,” Raphael Domjan, the plane’s pilot, said in a statement. “Electric and solar vehicles are amongest the major challenges of the 21st century.”

The pilots will be wearing astronauts suits which will be powered by the plane and will not allow the pilot to eject or to use a parachute.


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