Easypaisa Revolutionizes Banking through Digitization ok


Easypaisa, the first and by far the largest mobile banking service in the country is a household name for branchless banking in Pakistan.

Building on its history of offering convenient financial services to Pakistan, Easypaisa now offers a simple and easy online method for creating an Easypaisa Account. This is in addition to multiple other ways through which customers can open their Accounts, all pioneered by Easypaisa.

Courtesy of this new functionality, Easypaisa caters to the need of the rapidly digitizing commerce and banking industry of Pakistan. With the introduction of this online account creation facility, Easypaisa will further streamline and make digital banking and payments simpler for consumers and businesses alike.
Quick Guide to Creating an Easypaisa Account Online

Visit the Easypaisa website here
Enter your phone number and your CNIC number
Submit the passcode you receive in an SMS

You will have instantly and successfully created your Easypaisa Account!

Easypaisa earlier had released an Android app for smartphones. You can download the Easypaisa Android app here to manage your Easypaisa Account on your phone.


What to do if I have trouble opening my Easypaisa Account?

Occasionally SIM cards or their corresponding CNICs are not correctly registered or fully verified and activated. So if you find your account opening gets stuck, simply email [email protected] and their dedicated team will help get your account up and running as soon as possible.

The Easypaisa support team works diligently to ensure your SIM and registration are securely verified and activated before opening your Easypaisa Account, which understandably can take a few days.
New Easypay Website

Easypaisa has also revamped the website for Easypay, which is extremely user-friendly with its modern Parallax effect layout and simpler navigation controls.

Easypay is Pakistan’s first consolidated Online Payment Solution to facilitate different payment methods for online merchants and their customers.

Easypay bundles secure, centralized, instant and convenient payments available through easy to use APIs and plugins developed for popular e-commerce platforms. Customers can pay directly to an online merchant through their Easypaisa Account, or they can use any Visa or MasterCard or make payments at any of the 75,000 Easypaisa shops across Pakistan which are open till late at night and also on weekends.
Easypay Merchants

Easypay is being used by all the top e-commerce sites in Pakistan, including schools, universities and even for cinema, bus, train, hotel and airline ticketing.

The website lists all the partner stores, organized by categories, which let users make transactions through Easypay.

Merchants can avail Easypay for their website by filling the ‘Merchant Sign up’ form. They can get details on the integration from the developer page, which included the Easypay plugins, integration instructions and necessary tools for developers. Users can also keep track of the latest developments by visiting the News and Updates section.
Easypay Buyer Protection Service

Easypay also introduced the first Escrow account functionality in Pakistan called Buyer Protection whereby Easypay provides the guarantee of refunding payments back to the customer if their online merchant fails to deliver the products according to the commitments made.

Merchants can now signup online for Buyer protection on their webstore. The website enlists the terms & conditions for this service. Click here to read more on Easypay Buyer’s Protection.
Hassle Free Online Shopping

Customers can visit any Easypay partner store to shop for their favorite products. They will select Easypay as the payment method on checkout and confirm the payment by entering their details. Customers will receive a confirmation through a SMS and Email.
Final Word

With the introduction of all these new services and innovative ways of banking, Easypaisa further strengthens its position as market leader and opens new channels to make digital banking simpler, more convenient and a delight for consumers.

Commenting on the developments, Chief Financial Services Officer Telenor Pakistan and Head of Easypaisa, Muhammad Yahya Khan said:

    We are exhilarated to launch the new and more user-friendly website for Easypay and its Easypaisa Account creation facility. This website will strengthen the interoperability of Easypaisa services and enhance our chances to make successful attempts at reaching out to the customers of all networks.

    It will not only extend the best in market services to all the mobile users but will also pave way for strengthening ecommerce and digital payments in Pakistan.