Easypaisa partners with HomeSend New 2017

Easypaisa International Remittance provides the convenience of receiving
remittances from over 150 countries through more than 77,000 Easypaisa shops,
nearest Telenor SSC, Telenor Franchise, Tameer Bank branches or by using
Easypaisa ATM Card at any ATM machines in  Pakistan.

Something New to Come Yet

In this signing ceremony, Partnering HomeSend,
Easypaisa has introduced a new unique and outstanding way of
transferring money, in a safe, secure, convenient and more reliable
manner. In the initial stages, the Easypaisa customers had to suffer a
lot. Customers had to face many difficulties and fulfill formalities i.e. paperwork, st
anding in long queues and specific working hours limitations.
Hence, Easypaisa took a step to revolutionize the industry.
Now you can carry out same transactions at your local retailer
instantly, in a safe, secure and convenient manner. Furthermore,
now you can perform financial transactions through Easypaisa
more easily. It will take only a few seconds and ends with a confirmation SMS.
What Could Be Done Through Easypaisa
Now anyone can use Easypaisa services either by visiting their nearest Easypaisa outlet. The services could also be availed through counter transactions via their mobile phones using mobile accounts. Easypaisa’s constant innovation empowers customers to address their financial needs easily. There are many services offered including sending or receiving money, bill payment, giving donations. Furthermore, salary disbursements, purchasing airtime, disbursing social cash transfers, insurance, and savings. Easypaisa has continued to expand its product portfolio with unprecedented services like online payments, Inter-Bank Funds Transfer, handset lending and health insurance. Thus,  Easypaisa
offers really unique and outstanding services to the masses of Pakistan.