Easypaisa Cash Withdrawal Charges for Mobile Account fee

Easypaisa increased the cash withdrawal charges for mobile account holders.
Last week Telenor changed the tariff for different services in
Easypaisa and they raised the rates for cash withdrawal.
Retarlier, cash withdrawal from retailers are free upto 3-5 times in one
month and after that there were certain percentage of charges applied on
all cash withdrawal amount. But now you have to pay charges for cash withdrawal
on different slab rates. Now its seems bit expensive for mobile account holders and
cash withdrawal charges from ATM card are low as compared to withdraw from retailers.

Easypaisa  Cash Withdrawal Charges for Mobile Account fee

Telenor Easypaisa will not be free from 1st February 2016. They will be charging on withdrawal. Previously there were no charges on withdrawal. There was 0 charges on any withdrawal transaction from any telenor retailer or franchise.