djuice Team Package

Pulse 30 Sec


The djuice Team Package is the perfect choice for

those who love social media as much as they love free calls.

On net: Rs. 1.50 incl. Tax
Off net: Rs. 1.50 incl. Tax
FNF:200 Onnet+FNF Mins Free
SMS: Rs. 0.60 incl. Tax
2G: 1.13 / 64 KB
The djuice Team package gives you free calls to djuice and FNF numbers every day, along with internet on your favorite social apps. Just make the first Telenor call of the day at Rs 6/Hr.

Charges of djuice Team Package:

Telenor Numbers
200 Onnet + FNF Minutes Free/Day (After making 1st Telenor call of the day for Rs 6/Hr)

Rs 1.50 incl. Tax/30 Sec (Regular)

Rs 0.60 incl. Tax/30 Sec
Other Network Numbers
Rs 1.50 incl. Tax/30 Sec 
Rs. 0.60/SMS
Rs. 6.00/MMS
2G Internet
Rs. 1.13/64KB
3G Internet
100MB for Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Line and Instagram (After spending Rs.3 on these websites in a day)

Rs. 0.10/10KB

Daily Charges


MMS Charges:

Local MMS
International MMS
Less than 100 KB
Rs. 6.00 incl.Tax Rs. 17.99 incl.Tax
Between 100KB & 200KB
Rs. 12.00 incl.Tax Rs. 35.98 incl.Tax
Between 200KB & 300KB
Rs. 18.00 incl.Tax Rs. 53.97 incl.Tax


Terms and Conditions

  • Balance validity is limited, based on recharge.
  • To join the Team Package, dial *345*11# from your Telenor number.
  • 30 seconds charging unless specified.
  • FNF rates apply for On Net numbers only. Off Net numbers will be charged as per base rate i.e Rs. 1.50 incl. Tax
  • One Time Smart Tunes Activation Charge Rs. 10+Tax.
  • 15 friends & family numbers can be added.
  • Card Reload Charges: 20 Paisa + Tax to be charged on every card reload.
  • Balance Inquiry: Dial *444# to check your balance. (Charges = 20 Paisa + Tax).
  • 14% withholding tax and 10% service charges will be charged on recharge.
  • Call setup charges of 12.5 paisa (exclusive of tax) will be charged on every call.
  • FED charges will apply based upon regional rates (Punjab,KPK,Baluchistan: 19.5%; AJK,ICT: 18.5% ; Sindh 19% ; FATA/PATA/GB: 0%)
  • For details on regional taxation, please Click Here