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Google is now presenting four free months of Play Music as part of its Cyber Week program.

This four-month program contains a YouTube Red subscription for ad-free.

This YoubTube can be canceled at any time. The Play music program normally costs $9.99 per month which provides access to its members to more than 35 million songs.

Google has lately announced a fresh Google Play Musc program with new context and interesting features which attract people to listen to more personal music.

Obviously, the lovers of music will surely like this offer and will enjoy it.
Music lovers and users who had canceled a Play Music membership during past time would not be eligible for Cyber Week promotion.
This attempt must not stop everyone to enjoy with the changed music program and they will try to take advantage of Google offer by making a new Google accounts because music lovers always try to deliberate upon different ideas

Zeeshan Akhram

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