Convert To Telenor

3 Steps to port in to Telenor


Send MNP to 667



You will receive a message with your
connection details.
Forward this message to 76345



Visit a Telenor Sales and
Service Center to collect your SIM



Select any of the following packages:
  • Telenor Talkshawk or djuice – Rs. 50 worth FREE Air Time (Porting Fee – Rs. 65)
  • Telenor Postpaid – (Porting Fee Rs. 65)

Corporate Subscription

If your number is part of a corporate subscription, please bring along a copy of identification information of the Chief Executive or the authorized signatory for the subscription. You must also bring along a written request on the company’s letterhead or porting request application, signed by the Chief Executive/authorized signatory, requesting to port the number(s) issued in the name of the company/organization.

Terms and Conditions

  • There must essentially be no change in ownership of the number to be ported, in the last 60 days of the porting request.
  • Ensure that the number to be ported is active (not expired) and is a valid subscription with the existing service provider.
  • You should have the SIM Number (or IMSI Number) of your existing service provider’s SIM Card (mentioned on the SIM Card).
  • No outstanding agreements or liability should exist between you and your existing service provider.
  • You should not have any outstanding amount against any of the numbers in your name with existing service provider.
  • There should be no legal impediments or pending matter in the Court of Law, related to the existing number(s), anywhere across Pakistan.
  • Visit any Telenor Sales & Services Center, along with the necessary information, to make a porting request by filling out a porting request form by Telenor Pakistan. You would be requested to show the SIM for verification purposes.
  • A Number Portability Request (NPR) is launched by Telenor Pakistan and you are given a Telenor Pakistan SIM Card, along with a tentative time to when you can start to use Telenor’s network on this SIM.
  • For further details, please visit the nearest Telenor Sales & Service Center.