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BMW launch to offer new version of i3 electric car in 2017

German luxury car maker BMW intends to launch a new model of its i3 electronically driven the car during next year having a longer range and modified design.

This was first reported by a German weekly Welt am Sonntag duly quoting the company sources.

Hopefully, this model will attract the masses because of it’s modified features

According to the weekly, BMW especially reshaped the front and rear of the i3 and the car is equipped with a special battery to enhance its range specifically beyond the current 300 km maximum.

This increase would be under 50 percent.

BMW is deliberating whether to faster production of new electric cars according to its expenses because before time purchase will only result in minimum sales against the 25000 i3s sales in the previous year.

In order to improve sales, BMW has already enhanced the battery range of its i3 car up to 50 percent during current year.

At spot, new version of BMW was not available for comment on daily newspapers and weekly.

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