Best UK private home loan rates this week

Best UK private home loan rates this week

Last refreshed: 25th May 2022

Rate: 2.31%

Initial period: 2 years 

Product fee: £999

Maximum loan-to-value: 75%


Rate: 2.49%

Initial period: 3 years

Product fee: £1,998

Maximum loan-to-value: 80%

Cumberland BS expands its rates, yet at the same time stands firm on its market-driving situations.

Our most recent information tracked down purchase to-let contract rates are on the ascent, and a comparable story can be told in the private area.

Throughout the course of recent days, normal, long term contracts in this area have expanded. Of these classifications, long term rates saw the greatest rate point ascent of 0.04%, as indicated by our information.

As a matter of fact, the best long term rates on our remortgage and mortgage holder diagrams, which are totally held by Cumberland BS, have all climbed. Underneath, we have examined these changes, among other market-driving low rates, you can consider while searching for your best home loan choice.

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