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7 Amazon Jobs From Home

jobs Hiring Now! 2020amazon careers from home amazon customer service hey what’s going on so inside of thisvideo I’m gonna show you two ways thatyou can use Amazon jobs fromhome so no matter where you’re atthere’s gonna be something for youinside of this video that you can do tostart making some money so let’s getstartedhey what’s going on my name is John andwelcome to my channel if this is yourfirst time here I make videos showingyou how to use your computer to startearning some extra money so if you’reready to escape your nine-to-five jobwork from home and become your own bossthen I want to take a quick second toinvite you to subscribe down below to mychannel check this out as you can see Ipost up daily videos showing you how tomake some extra money using yourcomputer or your smartphone so againguys if you’re ready to quit your jobwork from home become your own boss hitthat subscribe button so you don’t missout on any of my future videoslay out right here do it do it so todaywe’re taking a look at Amazon and howyou can use it to find jobs but if youwant the best way to start making moneyonline and then click that first link inmy description and I’m gonna send you mynumber one recommended online incomestream you’re gonna see exactly how I’musing affiliate marketing to build asix-figure income straight from mycomputer so all right guys today we’retaking a look at Amazon jobs so this isamazon dodge it’s kind of hard to findusing the website so to makeit easy all you have to do is go over toGoogle type in Amazon jobs and it’sgonna be the first link that pops up goahead and click on that link once you doyou’re gonna get taken over to thesignup page because before you can getinto your actual profile your actualaccount you’re gonna have to create anaccount at Amazon that jobs and sign upall you’re gonna need is an emailaddress go ahead and enter in your emailaddress sign up and you’re gonna get aquick verification email to your emailaddress so just click on that link andyou’re gonna be able to access thisback-office right here where you canstart finding jobs using Amazon forexample customer service or other jobrelated things alright so once you’reinside of here and you’re ready to findjobs from home things you can startdoing straight from your house all youhave to do is go ahead and click on thehamburger tab right at the top left handside after that click on Jeff jobcategories excuse me job categories andas you can see there’s gonna be a ton ofdifferent job categories that pop upthat you can go ahead and apply for allwith inside of Amazon now some of themare going towork from home some of them are gonna bein a warehouse or a certain offices onceyou go ahead and click on some of themyou’re gonna see exactly how they workso as you can see right here it tellsyou exactly how many job openings thereis for every single different categoryso for example a warehouse job there’s36 job openings our hardware department166 job openings legal thing is a 150job openings now for some of these youare gonna need a degree or you know someeducation or experience before you cango ahead and apply to them but not allof them guys so let me show you how youcan get started with a customer servicesighs I see the customer service side soto go ahead and get started with it goahead and click on customer serviceright here there’s over 300 jobsavailable click on that after thatyou’re gonna be able to scroll down tothe bottom right here and you just startfiltering out every single category sofor example if you’re looking for afull-time job a part-time job or just aseasonal or if you’re in a certain cityfor example Washington Berlin I can’tpronounce these ones right here Scotlandso it’s basically all over the road guysthere’s the jobs and work available allover the world so again like I mentionedin the beginning there’s gonna besomething inside of here for everyoneguys now if you’re specifically lookingat the work from home if you want towork from home keep scrolling down tothe where it says category and click onthe work from home there’s currently sixopenings available so once you do thatit’s gonna filter all the work from homeones and as you can see the first one isjust the social customer service acustomer care advocate so go ahead andclick on that right there and you’regonna see exactly you know a little bitmore of the Job Description what yourresponsibilities are gonna be how thingsare gonna work out and also the basicqualifications so for example one or twoyears of social customer care experienceguys there’s also some preferredqualifications that you guys can goahead and check out see if those fit youright there but that’s exactly the wayit works that’s for basically all ofthese right here so if we go back andwhichever one you click on right hereyou’re gonna be see all the jobrequirements the job description andexactly how to go ahead and apply youcan go ahead and just click on the applybutton which I didn’t mention and we goahead and jump back into once to showyou that real quick so as you can seeright here for this one there’s the jobdescription the basic qualification guysand if you want to go ahead and applythen just click on this big ol orangebutton right here that says apply nowand so that’s basically it for this oneguys and like I mentioned there’s a tonof different job categories and all oftheI’ve worked the exact same way so you’regonna be able to filter out by locationby work from home by you know seasonalstuff so make sure you got you guys goahead and check it out if you feel likeanother one fits you so for examplemarketing and PR or machine learningscience any of these right here you knowresearch sign any of these fit you oryou know something that you already haveexperienced in go ahead and check theseout cuz you can apply straight from homeso that’s gonna be your first optionright there amazon jobs the secondoption you have with Amazon is AmazonMechanical Turk so this is Amazon techright here and it’s very simple guys asit says right here make money in yourspare time get paid for completingsimple tests so the way it basicallyworks there’s other big companies withwebsites and you know apps or thingslike that come to Amazon tech to goahead and get testing done on theirservices or on their websites so forexample a big website can come to AmazonTech and if they need testing done fortheir website you know maybe thingsaren’t working out right or or they justwant some additional feedback on how theworks website is flowing they can cometo Amazon tech and hire real people justlike you and me to start testing out thewebsite to go ahead and get startedobviously just click on this buttonright here and you can start filling outthe application and get started withAmazon third so like again like Imentioned if you scroll down to thebottom right here you’re gonna see thebasic jobs you’re gonna be doing so forexample removing duplicate content frombusiness listings identifying incompleteor duplicate product listings in yourcatalog or verifying restaurant detailssuch as phone numbers hours ofoperations basic things like that you’regonna be going to these websites ofthese businesses and looking at thosethings right there making sure that theyall lined up making sure that they’reall in order other information iscorrect and you’re gonna get paid justfor doing those simple tasks right thereso again this one is called Amazon techto go ahead and get started with thisone right here all you have to do is goover to google and type in Amazon techand it’s gonna be the first listing thatpops up become an Amazon Mechanical Turkworker click on that right there clickon get started with Amazon MechanicalTurk and you can go ahead and apply tostart completing these quick littletasks to start earning some money sothat’s basically it for this video guysI hope you enjoyed it I hope you guysgot some value from it if you did goahead and hit that subscribe button downbelow hit that like button and againguys if you want to start building afull time income building some realpassive income online then click thatfirstin my description I’m gonna send you mynumber one recommended online incomestream so that’s basically it for thisvideo guys don’t forget to subscribedown below guys and I’ll see you on thenext video

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